Collaborating with nature to discover the  unique potential in all who come play. 

We live in a fast-paced world that requires us to function at a high level of activity with constant, unnatural, levels of sensory input. Keeping up with this pace, without time to rest, takes a toll on our bodies. Before we know it, in an honest effort to be good parents or perform well at work, we find ourselves stressed out, numbed out, or checked out. For young children, who are still in crucial stages of emotional, physical, and social development, the added pressure of our society and loud world can prove to be just too much at times. The forest is the anti-dote to this busy world. 


FORESTtherapy is a unique healing experience that takes place completely outdoors, in a natural forest environment. Nature has the power to calm our bodies and decrease stress. At River's Edge we collaborate with the natural environment to increase the impact of therapeutic interventions from trained mental health, occupational and speech and language therapists. All FORESTtherapy, whether for children or adults, takes place within small groups because we also believe in the power of supportive social relationships as one works towards connection, resilience and self-actualization


Kids Rock

Small social skills groups for Elementary aged (5-11) children


Women's Retreats

Slow down, breathe, and find the calm nature offers