Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing should my child wear in the winter or the rain?

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!" Weather does not bother children. It is essential your child has waterproof footwear/boots with insulated lining in the winter. We suggest layering:

  • base layer polyester or wool (no cotton)

  • mid layer- fleece,polyester, or wool sweater/jacket/pull over

  • outer layer waterproof coat/jacket.

Snow pant bibs with coat or full body suits work well in winter. All children are required to have a change of clothes in their backpack in case they get wet. Wool socks and mittens are recommended. If gear is a concern please contact us so we can help you find what you need for your child!

Do you cancel for weather conditions like rain or snow?

We are all about nature immersion in ALL weather. The only time we cancel is if there is lightening or high winds in the area. If we are in the woods and there is a storm we seek shelter in our barn. We typically use a fire to warm up but if need be we are able to warm up in our barn as well If our roads are impassable due to snow or icy conditions we will notify you of cancellation. 

How will this prepare my child for school?

The developmental benefits of early childhood nature immersion are numerous and profound. A child's experience during this formative period determines their view of the world, how they will interact with others and their feelings of self-confidence as well as the physical and cognitive ability to attend in school. Nature-based learning seamlessly incorporates foundational learning skills into the daily exploration and play of the children.

What is the field guide to child ratio?

We recognize the benefit of a low counselor/student ration. We guarantee a 6/1 ratio but often we are 5/1.

Can my child attend FORESTplay year round program if he/she goes to public school?

We have had children in public school attend our year round programming. We suggest you talk with your child's Principal and Counselor to discuss the benefits they will receive from the program.

Do you have family discounts?

River's Edge offers multiple child family discounts as well as full tuition paid discounts. We also offer a monthly payment plan.

A nature immersion program designed to nurture children through nature play.


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