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Animals Everywhere!

No matter where you are, forest or home, you can find animals everywhere! From very big to very small, animals can live in trees, under the ground, in caves, and even in our homes. Have fun with this activity identifying animals near you, going on an animal hunt, and learning more about animals!


Begin with a story to prepare for a great animal adventure: “Rumble in the Jungle” by Giles Andreae.

1) Get moving and get outside in your neighborhood or in the forest. While you are out, look and listen hard for animals, animal sounds, and evidence of animals. How many animals can you identify in your area?

2.) Play a game with your family! Gather toy animals that you have around the house – big or small, plastic or plush. Ask a family member to hide the animals for you. (You can play this game a few times and hide the animals for your family member, too!) Then, go on a hunt and find all the animals!

3.) Share! Take pictures of animals or animal evidence you found during your walk and make a list of how many animals you identified. Tell your River’s Edge friends and families how many animals you found and see what other friends and families found during their time exploring! Post your pictures on our Facebook page and/or in the comments below!


Choose one of the animals that you used for your animal hunt game and learn more about that animal. What does it eat? What kind of environment does it live in? Is it more solitary or social? Then, using materials you find in nature and in your backyard, make a home for the animal you chose. Make sure you include food, a place to sleep, water, trees, rocks, and anything else you can think of. Then, share with your River’s Edge families and friends using the links above! We can’t wait to see what you made!

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