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Fairies in the Forest

The forest is a magical place! Can you find evidence of fairies where you are, either in the forest or at home?


Start the fun off with a story: "Backyard Fairies" by Phoebe Wahl.

1.) Go on a fairy hunt! Can you find evidence of fairies and fairy homes? Look in the trees, under rocks, by the creek, in your backyard.

2.) Make a home for the fairies! Collect the materials you have around you – sticks, rocks, moss, flowers, grass, bark, leaves, anything you can find. Create a fairy house to visit when you leave. Then, go back and visit. Did the fairies come while you were gone?

3.) Share your fairy evidence and fairy house! Show your River’s Edge friends and families what you found and created. Share on our Facebook page and/or in the comments below! We can't wait to see what you can create!!


Now that you’ve made a fairy home, what else do fairies need? Make a fairy village with shops, other homes, farmer’s markets, restaurants, gardens, etc. Where do your fairies get their food? Where do they sleep? Where do they sit to eat? What do they do for fun? Keep sharing with your River’s Edge friends as you expand your fairy house for more and more fairies!

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