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Winter and Rain Gear for Kids

Finding the right gear to keep your kids warm and dry shouldn't be so complicated! Here are the brands we have tested and recommend! Note: River's Edge is an Amazon Associate which means we earn from qualifying purchases when you use the amazon links below! Thanks for your support!

Layer 1- Base Layer. NO COTTON! This layer touches your child's skin and cottons holds moisture so you don't want a wet layer on their skin. Look for wool or polyester.

Layer 2- Insulation Layer. Fleece, polyester, or wool jacket or sweater and sweatpants. Once again if you can avoid cotton it will repel the water that might seep in some how from the outside. The Mud Kingdom shirt is unisex not just girls!

Layer 2.5- WHEN IT IS REALLY COLD! We recommend wearing a vest over layer 2!

Layer 3- Waterproof Layer. This will be an investment but it can be used on warmer rainy days without layers and on cold days with layers under. We have seen many brands but these are the ones that pass the 5 hour full day of rain River's Edge test!

Layer 4- Extremities. Head needs to be covered either with a hat, hood from fleece jacket, or balaclava. Hands- some kids like the cheap stretchy liner gloves under but they MUST have winter mittens that zip or velcro up the side. Feet- Wool socks with >50% wool in the materials and insulated winter boots with neoprene.

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