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The Best Nest

A big sign of Spring is the sights and sounds of beautiful birds! Big and small, in trees, on wires, soaring in the sky or hopping on the ground, birds are everywhere right now! In this activity, you will get to observe the bird sights and sounds in your area, build your own “best nest,” and learn more about bird-watching!


Spark your creativity with a story: “The Best Nest” by P.D. Eastman.

1.) Go on a walk in your neighborhood and see how many bird sights and sounds you can find! Some things you may find:

  • Birds chirping

  • Birds chasing each other

  • A bird flying

  • A bird with something in its mouth

  • A bird in a tree

  • A bird on a wire

  • A bird hopping on the ground

  • A bird preening (cleaning its feathers

How many different bird sounds can you hear? These are some common birds you may find around your home:

In order: Starling, Crow, Sparrow, Pigeon, Robin

2.) After you finish your bird-watching expedition, try your hand at making a nest! In the story, Mr. and Mrs. Bird use straw, string, stuffing, and hair to make their nest. What materials can you find in your backyard to make a bird’s nest?

3.) Share! Take pictures of your best nest and share it with your River’s Edge friends and families! You can share at our Facebook page or in the comments below! We are excited to see your nests!


Bird Watching Tips - Look for birds all day, but especially in the morning and evening, when birds are most active. - Practice staying still and quiet to see the most bird activity. - Try imitating the different bird sounds and calls you hear to help you practice differentiating between bird calls!

Bird Watching Apps and Resources