Nurturing Through Nature Play

Play is intrinsically motivated, unstructured, unscheduled, and free flowing. Play is fun! Playing at River’s Edge challenges every sensory system including sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, balance, and self-awareness to cultivate

social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

Playing this way is a WHOLE child challenge which we call "play with a purpose"! 

Outdoor play is the primary way young children learn about the world and society around them. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a daily minimum of 2 hours of active play for 3-5 year olds and states children are more likely to be active when outdoors and engaged in free play.

Our professional team of forest guides is trained to promote optimal child development and growth through nature play. 


We strive to offer a wide range of nature immersion experiences to reach as many children as possible. Contact us to work together to find the perfect fit for your child, family, or school program! Let's help our kids experience the enormous benefits of nature play!




Develop sharing, problem solving, leadership skills, teamwork, opportunities to practice adult roles, building friendships, and interdependence. 



Climbing, running, jumping, digging, lifting, pushing, swinging, spinning, etc. improves agility, balance, strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, fine and gross motor development. Also decrease risk of obesity.



Increase cognitive function, attention, healthy brain development, creativity, and capacity to store new information. Opportunities for experiential learning and utilizing environmental science, sorting/catagorizing, taking measurements, physical/engineering concepts while building, and outdoor survival skills. 



Opportunities for safe risk taking to build resilience, confidence, self awareness, perspective taking, compassion, mastery of environment, conquering fears, and emotional regulation. Play results in decreased anger and increased overall happiness.



Free time in nature cultivates a sense of wonder, awe, and interconnectedness to the world around us. The uniqueness of the child is accepted and drawn out through nature and compassion for self, nature, and others is formed.