River's Edge - Stevensville

River’s Edge Forest Play has partnered with Blunt Marsh Conservation Project to help kids experience the world of a real salt marsh. This site is simply beautiful with a large tree canopy to protect from the sun, lots of climbing and even an active eagle's nest.


Blunt Marsh Conservation Project (BMCP) is a private operating foundation dedicated to supporting conservation, scientific research and wildlife management on the Chesapeake Bay. BMCP conducts fundraisers and solicits donations to further research, conservation efforts and wildlife management in the middle Chesapeake Bay region and its tributaries. BMCP also provides access and support of private (not-for-profit) scientific research on Blunt Marsh, a 100-acre marshland at the confluence of Warehouse Creek and Cox Creek, just off the Chesapeake Bay. Focus areas of research include erosion control, wildlife management, water quality and control of phragmites, a fast-growing, invasive grass species whose toxins destroy neighboring wetland plants.


BMCP hosts two major fundraising events each year, a crab feast and a hoedown, where corporations and attendees can provide donations and participate in educational awareness and social gatherings with other conservation-minded individuals.


For more information on Blunt Marsh Conservation Project please visit: http://www.bluntmarshconservationproject.org.

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River's Edge is pleased to offer a week of summer camp in this beautiful environmentally rich landscape.  Our Nature Immersion camp fosters physical, emotional and mental balance through an authentic connection with the natural world. Nature Immersion is defined as “unstructured free time in nature resulting in an intimate, deep and personal connection to the natural world”.

Our goal is to increase awareness of and connection to the natural world in order to foster compassion and empathy for the earth and all its inhabitants while having fun and engaging with new friends. River's Edge invites children to engage all their senses and increase their observation skills through it's commitment to a child-driven flow learning, emergent curriculum and inquiry-based teaching style.

River's Edge is committed to the development of each child we serve. Daily emails of our fun are sent home so parents can witness their child's joy.