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I see children running freely, climbing fallen tree logs, and hunting crayfish in a creek. I see children swinging on a rope hung from a tall tree, and children building forts. There is a ship’s captain fighting a mighty storm on the high seas. There is a baker making extraordinary pastries, and a mom and a dad caring for their baby. There is a conductor taking tickets for the train, and a carpenter building a home. There is laughter and chatter and commotion and excitement.


As their Guide; I see joy. I see children challenging themselves and strengthening their core muscles. I see children learning to cooperate. I see children taking healthy risks,  conquering their fears, and building confidence. I see children strategizing and developing critical thinking skills. I see children being compassionate for their little creature friends of the forest. 


There are no set expectations. There is no adult hovering. There is no yelling or scolding. There is freedom to be, to explore, to take time to do it your way. These are children developing as a WHOLE child, the way their mind, body, and soul wants it to be. 


This is "Play with a Purpose". This is River’s Edge Forest Play, and this is where you want your child to be.

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Summer 2021 

FORESTcamp registration  will open January 4th!

Experience the Wonder



Ages 3-7 & Ages 8-13


June- August

Ages 3-11


"It takes a village" to raise a child, as the saying goes. We believe this to be very true and very important! We are excited to partner with other local like-minded organizations to bring authentic creative nature programming to our children, families and communities. Please take a minute to visit our Partner's websites to learn what they too are offering our communities.


Teece Nowell Founding Director

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A nature immersion program designed to nurture children through nature play.

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