Where Children Come to Play,

But Learn to Thrive.

Nature immersion play experiences that inspire deeper connections to nature, self, and others so  all children can thrive.

Where Childhood Comes Alive!


Sound On!

Nurturing Through Nature Play


PLAY. Where children run freely, climb fallen tree logs, and hunt crayfish in a creek. They swing on a rope hung from a tall tree, and build forts. There is laughter and chatter and commotion and excitement.


THRIVE. At River's Edge, children challenge themselves and strengthening their core muscles. They learn to cooperate. Children take healthy risks,  conquer fears, and build confidence. They learn to strategize and develop critical thinking skills. They develop compassion and the ability to apologize. Children playing this way are developing as a WHOLE child, the way their mind, body, and soul wants it to be. 


CONNECT. Here children have the freedom to be, to explore, to take time to experiment. Play groups are 100% outdoors and children are supported in their skill development by trained Forest Guides. Every interaction and situation is an opportunity to inspire deeper connection with nature, self, and others. 

This is "Play with a Purpose". This is River’s Edge Forest Play, and this is where you want your child to be.

Come Play With Us!

Childhood should be full of messy, child-led, outdoor play with friends! River's Edge programs are unique experiences providing children the advantages of playing freely with friends while immersed in nature.

Find the best group for your child! We offer a range of group skill levels, ages, and times to provide the "just right challenge" for your child. Programs include year round FORESTplay, Little Ones Forestplay, therapeutic FORESTtherapy groups, Summer Camp weeks, and Days Off day camps. 


"It takes a village to raise a child." We believe this to be very true and very important! We are excited to partner with other local like-minded organizations to bring authentic creative nature programming to our children, families and communities. Please take a minute to visit our Partner's websites to learn what they too are offering our communities.