​Therapeutic play and social connection groups

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Kids Rock

Elementary Age (5-10/11)

​1.5hr groups on weekday evening

​10-12 week sessions

When a child is struggling to make friends, regulate emotions, or believe in their selves, it takes a collaborative effort between parents, therapists, and a supportive peer group to build the skills required for happy and healthy social-emotional development. 

Kids Rock is 100% outdoor mental health and occupational therapy in small groups of 5-6 children. Beyond working with professional therapists, your child is "working" in a natural environment to decrease stress, and therefore, increase the body's ability to learn new skills. 

In a child's behavior, or lack there of, there is much more going on than "meets the eye". That is why we are a combined staff of occupational therapists and mental health practitioners. We target physical and emotional development together in order to help children thrive in their play and social interactions.

Early Kids Rock

Pre-school Age (3-5)

3.5hrs, 2 days a week 9:30-1:00

​10-12 week sessions

For children that need a little extra support in their development to be ready for school. Early Kids Rock is a nurturing outdoor group environment designed to support gross motor development, self regulation skills, and social connection skills. If you can feel it in your gut that your child isn't quite ready for tradition pre-school or kindergarten because they need more time and space to play, grow, and develop their foundational skills then this is for you!


A unique therapeutic nature play group for pre-school age children who benefit from smaller child to therapist ratios to provide closer support in play and social connection skills.


Group is led by a pediatric occupational therapist and targets skill development in areas of gross motor, core strength, sensory exploration/development, learning how to be a part of a group, play skills, awareness of self and others, and early fine motor. 

Parent Education and Coaching

​"Super Parenting" is when your child requires parental support and strategies that go above and beyond the average parent call of duty. We are here to give you the education and support you need for the challenges of Super Parenting. Your relationship with your child is the most influential in their lives. Not only do your responses impact their behaviors, but the state of your relationship over time also impacts the whole family's well-being. 


We provide parent education through a monthly webinar to every family that is signed up for a FORESTtherapy program. We know that many families also benefit from time to speak directly with a therapist about their child, how to respond in specific situations, relationship building, and family well-being. Parent coaching is available for interested parents. Email or call Teece for more information about this service.

How to Sign Up:

1.) Call us at 410-703-6157, or fill out the contact form for a complimentary Parent Strategy Session today.

2.) Next, we will schedule a parent intake interview and observation of your child so we can determine an appropriate group for your child. 


From a 5yo child

"Ms. Teece helped the monster 'Bob' disappear by helping me to feel strong and big."

Mom of 9yo

"The Forest has provided endless opportunities for my daughter to grow. She has become more confident and self-assured. She has faced her fear of heights and climbed into the tree house, she has learned to cooperate and work as a team player, and she has learned to love nature and not worry about bugs and just relax and play."

​After Parent Counseling

"I just need to clone you! I hear you talking in my ear when I think I don't know what to do when my child is having a melt down. Your knowledge, support and availability have gotten us through many difficult times. Our family is stronger and we are better parents and we are so grateful!"


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Nature play experiences that inspire deeper connection to nature, self, and others so children can thrive.

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