Kids Rock

"Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take the walls away" -Erin Kenny

Holistic, natural, social skills groups

Kids Rock is an innovative therapy for elementary age (5-11) children. When a child is struggling to make friends, regulate emotions, or believe in their selves, it takes a collaborative effort between parents, therapists, and a supportive peer group to build the skills required for happy and healthy social-emotional development. 

Kids Rock is 100% outdoor mental health and occupational therapy in small groups of 5-6 children. Beyond working with professional therapists, your child is "working" in a natural environment to decrease stress, and therefore, increase the body's ability to learn new skills. 

In a child's behavior, or lack there of, there is much more going on than "meets the eye". That is why we are a combined staff of occupational therapists and mental health practitioners. We target physical and emotional development together in order to help children thrive in their play and social interactions.

"Ms. Teece helped the monster 'Bob' disappear by helping me to feel strong and big."

-5 year old child

"The Forest has provided endless opportunties for my daughter to grow. She has become more confident and self-assured. She has faced her fear of heights and climbed into the tree house, she has learned to cooperate and work as a team player, and she has learned to love nature and not worry about bugs and just relax and play."

-Mom of a 9 year old

Let's Get Started:

1.) Call us at 410-703-6157, or fill out the contact form below for a complimentary Parent
Strategy Session today.

2.) Next, we will schedule a comprehensive mental health and occupational therapy evaluation.

3.) We will review the evaluation with you and then determine an  appropriate group for your child.

"I just need to clone you! I hear you talking in my ear when I think I don't know what to do when my child is having a melt down. Your knowledge, support and availability have gotten us through many difficult times. Our family is stronger and we are better parents and we are so grateful!"


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A nature immersion program designed to nurture children through nature play.

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